The Story of My Diagnosis

By Chloe Delaney| Published on April 6, 2021 | 4 Minute Read

Hey my name is Chloe Delaney and I’ve been recently diagnosed with Autism and a general learning disability. I’m 17, but I was diagnosed with autism and my learning disability at 17 just in February, but months before I knew that I might have had autism. When I heard that I might of been autistic it was definitely a shock but I did my research and it sounded just like me and when I got my diagnosis it was a lift of my shoulders.

I don’t have questions I only have answers, I feel more myself than ever, everything makes sense from being bullied in the past and being left out or finding it hard to make and maintain friendships, from being that 13 year old trying to end my life cause the world was so hard for me, to being this amazing girl growing and learning to love my autistic self as a part of me.

I’ve always felt like I’ve seen the world differently but it seeing it in my own beautiful way is way more than enough, we should embrace being autistic, we don’t need to be cured, I love my stimming, I love how I can over feel empathy even though it gets hard at times, I love being able to do things my own way.

I’ve made my autistic Instagram and I’ve gained 1.5k followers in a month !! Already and my autistic community is amazing. I'm so happy to have my own people around me who understand better. I feel less alone and I’m here for anyone if they need me like I say.

Different is beautiful.

My Instagram accounts are: autism__acceptance_2021 and Clo_delaney123

About the Author

Chloe Delaney

17 year old Chloe Delaney loves to spread awareness and help people learn about autism.