I'm Not Weird

By Ellen Zellner | Published on March 16, 2021 | 5 Minute Read

Hello. My name is Ellen Zellner and I am blessed with a 34 year old autistic son who is also diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome. When he was young, he wore numerous leg braces and spinal braces for symptoms affiliated with Marfan Syndrome. On one occasion as we entered the hospital lobby for a physical therapy session, a young boy approached my son and stared into his face and said "you're weird". His mom was on her cell phone with other children in tow completely oblivious to what was happening. I had to address this little boy immediately. I bent down to his level and asked him "why do you think he's weird?" Well why does he wear those things( leg braces) ? was his response. I explained that his legs weren't as strong as this little boys'. He can't run and play basketball like you can I told him. He replied " but I'm not good at it." "You don't have to be good at it but at least you can do those things" I told him. "You know what? I said to him- you hurt his feelings and mine too." He responded "I'm sorry" and went back to his mom. This story exemplifies the fact that unless "typical children" are taught that because some children have special needs does not mean that they are weird. They just have to do things differently but ALL children have feelings. Thank you very much.



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Ellen Zellner

This is a recent photo of me holding my book that will be on the market soon with all proceeds being donated to Kerry Magros' scholarship fund for autistic students. There are stories in my inspirational poetry book that explain other circumstances of how the ignorant population does not understand the vast spectrum of autism. I hope to reach out to other families so that they/their child don't have to suffer the way my son has. I also have worked in special education which taught me a lot about special needs children. If you need any other info please don't hesitate to contact me. My phone # is 845- 546- 0511. I live in Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley in New York.