While We Teach Children How to Live, They Teach Us What Life Is...

By J. Sharada Ram | Published on August 20, 2020 | 4 Minute Read

Like any other woman, I was also waiting for the “Magical Day” in my life. My little angel “Sindhu” was born on August 16, 2000. One has to experience the happiness and joy of being a MOTHER. Words fall short to describe motherhood.

When I look back now, I find the days we enjoyed, struggled, learnt and tried to cope up with reality. Sindhu’s early childhood was so lovely. Everyone who picked her, felt so delighted at her smiley face. We were proud parents to have such a beautiful baby.

Days rolled in the enjoyment of true love. Though she was crossing all her milestones, deep in my heart, I could sense something was going wrong behind all her lovely smiles and cuddles. Speech got delayed, which made us rush to paediatricians.

Diagnosis was the toughest part in our entire journey. We lived in small village in Andhra Pradesh, India. Lack of awareness on psychological disorders in the medical community always made the problem deny. Physical development was normal in Sindhu, what worried me was lack of social interaction, behavioural and play patterns.

The struggle to understand the exact condition took several years. We knocked each door of hospitals, special education centres, parents of special needs children homes. This phase in our life was so difficult for us to accept the fact and deal with her condition AUTISM.

Knowing the depth of Autism and its impact on the family, I was surrounded by total darkness, fear, confusion, shock and was left helplessness. To my unfortunate, relatives and friends sympathetic showers and pitiful words brought much heaviness in my heart.

One fine day, I was in deep sorrow cursing my fate, tears rolling down my eyes, I observed my daughter playing happily in her own world least bothered about her condition. That moment, I realized and questioned myself “if she was so happy, why I am so depressed?” I gave a tight hug to my daughter. I strongly decided to put all my efforts to bring a change in her.

"One fine day, I was in deep sorrow cursing my fate, tears rolling down my eyes, I observed my daughter playing happily in her own world least bothered about her condition. That moment, I realized and questioned myself, 'if she was so happy, why I am so depressed?' "

I started finding out the best ways to help her overcome the challenges. We moved to different places in search of special education centres. Our journey started from village to towns, cities and finally ended in New Delhi. Thanks to Action for Autism, (a national research centre for Autism) for all the change in us.

In raising a special child, a family undergoes lot of pressures physically, psychologically and financially. Many sleepless nights, tiresome days became a part of our life. With total acceptance and unconditional love, we could gain the confidence to overcome the challenges. Planning in every phase of life has become essential.

Sindhu showed good progress with help of all the therapies and trainings. Now she can communicate all her needs non-verbally. She works in a vocational centre and is engaged productively. She helps me in all the house hold works.

All my dear ones appreciate my efforts as a mother in her development. The actual reality is, she is the one who trained us to be more kind, patient. She taught us real meaning of humanity, love and service. As a founder president of “Aarambh Association for Autism”, I have got a divine opportunity to serve special needs children.

One day, I might not wake up, but still I wish my daughter Sindhu should lead her life happily. It’s our responsibility as parents to ensure safety and security for our children.

...... J. Sharada Ram

Director, Aarambh association for Autism

About the Author

J. Sharada Ram

J. Sharada Ram is a Founder and Director of Aarambh Association for Autism. She is also a strong mother who triumphed against society in her struggle to support her Autistic child. She dedicated herself in services to special needs community. She believes it as holy work. Her main objective is to build a happy home for children with Autism.