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By Serin Benadiba | Published on October 5, 2020 | 3 Minute Read

Hi, my name is Serin. I am a wife, mother and an entrepreneur. I recently started a new venture called DIBA, where I make high quality tye-dye fashions. I have 2 beautiful children. My daughter Ava is 9 and has the biggest heart and she is bright and full of life. My son Oliver was diagnosed with moderate ASD at the age of 2. Oliver is loving and kind, and extremely energetic! He is also extremely funny. His energy and smile would captivate anyone!

Recently, my business has started a campaign to raise money for the Autism Speaks Canada Car Parade in October in Toronto, Canada. A portion of hoodie sales are being donated monthly to the cause. My son Oliver picked the colour Blue for Autism and he is helping make all orders. He gets very excited when an order comes in and we get to spend quality time together while making them. My daughter Ava has also been involved in the process. It’s a family bonding project and all for an amazing cause!

Our family leads a very active lifestyle to make sure we are strong and healthy. One of our favourite things to do is to go for bike rides. My husband and I love our date nights where we get to connect one on one. We find date nights are so important for our mental health. (Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made this difficult but, we are still finding ways!) So parents/caregivers if you have not been having a date night with your partner, please plan one. You can play a board game, watch a movie, sit on the patio together after the kids go to bed. Make date night the same night every week! (Date night should be at least once a week)

"Our family leads a very active lifestyle to make sure we are strong and healthy."

One myth about people on the spectrum is that they are not very emotional or loving. This is just not true. My son is the most loving, caring and kind little boy. He tells me he loves me everyday and is always giving me hugs!

The resources that have helped me along the way are my support system. I also read a lot of books and read a lot of articles online.

Some days are more challenging than others, but I wouldn’t change anything!

You can find me online @dibadye on Instagram and Facebook.

Serin Benadiba

About the Author

Serin Benadiba

Serin is the proud owner and Founder of DIBA. Diba specializes in tye-dye fashions and is currently donating a portion of sales to Autism Speaks Canada. Serin loves spending quality time with her family and believes in love and kindness for all!