Video Project

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the process of educating an audience on topics of interest while drawing attention to a cause. At Embracing Special Needs, we are constantly working towards bringing awareness to the inclusion of kids with special needs in our community through our various projects.

Video Project

To promote the inclusion of kids in special education in school communities, we collaborated with the Amazing Things Happen Studio, founded by the award winning animator Alex Amelines known for his work on the autism awareness video "Amazing Things Happen" to create the video: "An Inclusive World". During Fall 2020, we will have the video below to be shown in elementary and middle schools across the California through our partnership with Best Buddies Northern California inspiring kids all over to reach out to their special education programs. This short animation highlights the need to find common ground with special needs kids while also bringing awareness to the lack of their inclusion in school communities. If interested in displaying the video to your school district, please reach out to or fill out a contact form!

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you have experience working with kids with special needs? If so, share your story.

  2. What did you take away from this special education?

  3. What are the taboos in society of people with and which taboo did this short animation help debunk?

  4. Are you interested in going to your special education class or local organizations to interact with your fellow special needs peers? Brainstorm some local organizations to visit.

Presentation with Discussion Questions

An Inclusive World | YIM & ESN

Special Thanks to These School Districts for Supporting Us!

Alvord Unified School District

Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District

Cupertino Union School District

Fort Sage Unified School District

Fremont Union School District

Inglewood Unified School District

Los Altos Elementary School District

Nevada County Office Of Education School District

Pleasant Valley School District

San Diego Unified School District

Santa Ana Unified School District

Solana Beach Elementary School District